Puppy Training Tips

The importance of puppy training

Having a well-behaved and socialised dog is easy if you begin training them when they’re a puppy. They will learn important social skills with other pets while stimulating their minds. Puppy training is best begun at eight weeks of age. A puppy is operating at full learning capacity between eight and twelve weeks old.

Speak with your local Greencross Vets to make sure your new puppy is on track with vaccinations before introducing them to other dogs.

Puppy training tips

  1. when praising your pup or adult dog, pat them under the chin or chest (this is more affectionate than a pat on the back or head)
  2. teach your puppy the five basic commands – sit, drop, stand, stay and come
  3. training should be for five minutes at a time, four or five times a day
  4. when teaching commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘drop’, get down to the level of your puppy
  5. don’t let your puppy do things when it is young that you don’t want it to do later in life (eg. jumping up onto furniture or sleeping on beds)
  6. praise and positive reinforcement is important when teaching puppy commands
  7. a tiny treat such as a speck of tasty sausage or highly flavoured food is the best reward when the pup has done what was asked
  8. to teach your puppy to ‘come’, attach a lead to their collar, call their name and the command ‘come’
  9. puppies trained at eight to twelve weeks of age will keep this training for the rest of their lives.
  10. never yell at your puppy or smack them for disobeying – positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog
  11. your voice is your best training aid – use a happy tone for praise, a clear tone for commands, and a firm tone for reprimands

Enrolling your puppy or dog in a puppy or dog training course is a great way to learn the basics. Contact your local Greencross Vets to find out more about puppy training in your area. Find out more information about our Best Behviour Program here.

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