Tips For Holiday Travels And Your Pet

Travelling and your pet

As a pet owner, there is a lot to consider when planning a holiday. Should you leave your pet at a boarding facility, arrange a pet sitter, or even bring them along with you?

Whichever option you decide, ensure your pet is up to date with the following:

  • vaccinations
  • heartworm prevention
  • flea and tick prevention
  • intestinal worming
  • microchip details

Tips for traveling with your pet

  1. be sure that your holiday destination is pet friendly
  2. if traveling by car, ensure that your dog uses a harness that fits into your seatbelt or your cat’s carry cage is well ventilated and secured
  3. make regular stops on your journey to ensure your pet is hydrated and to stop for bathroom breaks
  4. animals can get carsick just like us – it is a good idea to test whether your pet is likely to suffer from motion sickness by taking them on short car trips before your holiday
  5. if possible, try to arrive at your destination in daylight – this will allow your pet to explore the new surroundings
  6. upon arrival, give your pet some special attention and spend time with them in their new environment


Leaving your pet at a facility

There are some excellent boarding facilities that promise to look after your pet when you go away. Do your research, read testimonials, and even visit the facility before making your choice. Always make sure your pet is up to date with vaccinations and parasite prevention. Most boarding facilities will require evidence of this.

Getting a pet sitter

Pet sitting is a great option for your pet to feel comfortable at home while you’re away. Cats are especially happier in their own space, so a stay-at-home sitter is perfect for them. There are so many pet sitting services available, it can be hard to choose. Many services offer profiles of their sitters with testimonials and references. Sometimes, you can arrange a meet and greet with a potential sitter. Do your research and choose a reputable company.

Holidays can be a relaxing time for every member of the family, even the furry.

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