Kitten Health Check


Just brought a new kitten home?

Greencross Vets are by your side when it comes to caring for your new kitten. Our passionate and dedicated team are here to help your kitten start off on the right paw. With state of the art equipment and facilities, each of the veterinary practices in our national network is able to provide your new kitten with whatever care they need, whenever they need it.

Your local Greencross Vets are so excited to meet your new kitten and to shower them with all the love and care they need to live a long and healthy life. Bring them in to meet the team today!

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What to expect at your kitten’s first health check

As your kitten develops throughout life, they will take many trips to the vet. At Greencross Vets, we want them to enjoy every one of these. We understand that this starts with building a positive association during their very first visit.

Your kitten’s visit

  • Your kitten will be weighed and temperature checked
  • They will undergo a comprehensive physical exam where the vet will check their mouth, teeth, eyes, ears, abdomen, heart, lungs, muscles, joints, lymph nodes, and fur
  • You may be asked to bring a recent sample of your kitten’s faeces which will be checked for parasites
  • A kitten’s first vet visit may also be the first time they are vaccinated
  • Your kitten will be showered with praise and treats for being so well-behaved!

Your visit

  • You may be asked questions about your kitten, such as where you obtained them, what and how much you have been feeding them, what their environment is like and whether your kitten will live indoors or outdoors
  • Remember to bring all of the documents you received with your kitten in case this has information your vet requires
  • Your vet will be happy to provide you with any advice you need to care for your kitten


Speak with your Greencross Vet about having your kitten microchipped at their first visit if they have not already undergone this simple process. Each pet’s microchip contains a unique number that can be traced to an owner’s contact details. By implanting a microchip under your kitten’s skin, it is much more likely that they will be returned to you if they ever become lost, as vets and animal shelters can scan the chip to find your details. It is mandatory to microchip your kitten in most places in Australia and whilst not a legal requirement in the Northern Territory, it is very highly recommended.

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Vaccinations are necessary to ensure your kitten has a healthy and happy life. Some of the diseases vaccines can prevent are difficult to treat and can be fatal. Prevention is the best medicine so get your kitten’s vaccinations up to date now,


Desexing (neutering or spaying) your kitten provides them with many health benefits and prevents behavioural problems. Our facilities are sterile and use the latest in surgical equipment. Speak with your Greencross Vet about desexing your kitten today.

Kitten Teething


Your kitten’s adult teeth will start growing in when they are 3-4 months old. Take your kitten in for a dental checkup when they are 6 months old to address any problems before all their permanent teeth come in.

Healthy Pets Plus Membership Benefits

Vaccinations & Microchipping

  •  free vaccinations
    (as recommended by your Greencross Vet)
  •  free microchipping (if needed)

Parasite Prevention

  •  20% discount on parasite prevention
  •  20% discount on heartworm injection


  •  unlimited consultations


  •  20% discount on pet food
  •  nutritional counselling and weight management
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