Anxiety And Our Precious Felines

anxietyOur cats are sensitive souls and prone to anxiety. Beneath an exterior that is aloof and independent, the term ‘scaredy cat’ can ring true.

Signs of stress in your cat

Stress indicators can include:

  • lowered appetite
  • hiding
  • vocalizing
  • bowel complaints
  • bad behaviour like attacking, scratching, and biting

Other symptoms may be more complex. Over-grooming can be a sign your cat is feeling anxious. Some cats will over-groom their bellies in response to stress.

A less obvious sign could be bladder inflammation. Symptoms include more frequent or painful urination. Some cats may urinate inappropriately in the house to let you know something is wrong.

Unusual behaviours from your feline should never be ignored. If your cat is displaying uncharacteristic behaviours or symptoms, bring them to your local Greencross Vets for diagnosis.

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