How Stress Can Cause Anxiety in Your Cat

Cats can be prone to stress and anxiety within the home. They’re overly particular creatures who can become upset when the balance of their environment has been altered.

Common causes of stress in cats

  • a new pet being introduced to the household
  • renovations in the home
  • furniture being rearranged
  • a new family member (baby) arrives
  • fireworks or a thunderstorm occurs
  • moving house
  • going on holiday and leaving them behind
  • leaving them in a boarding facility while on holiday

Cats show their anxiety in many ways, both through obvious signs and more discreet symptoms.

Obvious signs of stress

  • scratching
  • urine marking
  • aggression towards other pets
  • vocalising
  • appetite changes
  • hiding
  • over-grooming or lack of grooming
  • appearing withdrawn
  • house soiling
  • decreased levels of activity

How to help your feline friend with anxiety

Often, cats rub their face on familiar objects in their territory to mark it with their natural pheromone. There is a product available from your local Greencross Vet called Feliway. It contains a synthetic version of this pheromone that helps cats adjust to new environments or stressful situations.

This is a product that cleverly mimics the feline facial pheromone that is deposited from cats’ cheek glands when they rub their face on household objects. Feliway offers a natural way to help prevent or control anxiety related behaviours and makes cats feel safe in their environment.

Sprays or diffusers

Feliway is a brand that has sprays or diffusers that you plug into a power socket in the room that is used most by the cat, or in an area where inappropriate behaviour is occurring. The diffuser should be plugged into an open area and left of continuously.

If you would like more information, contact your local Greencross Vets today.


Some pet foods are especially formulated to help relieve anxiety. For instance, they may have naturally-sourced active proteins that have a calming effect on cats or dogs. You can explore available options on the Petbarn Food Finder and speak with your local Greencross Vets team for recommendations.

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