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Why do dogs jump and how to discourage it

Why do dogs jump when they greet us? When dogs greet one another, they sniff each other’s faces. Your dog jumps up on you because they are simply trying to get closer to your face to say hello. Dogs don’t understand that humans don’t like this behaviour, so training them to stop jumping is usually…

Seizures in Dogs and Cats

Should you Brush your Dog’s Teeth?

What Happens as my Dog Gets Older?

Why are Dogs Noses Wet?

What Is The Gunk In My Dog’s Eye?

To help you identify the ‘good gunk’ from the ‘bad gunk’, Dr. Chris Blair from Greencross Vets Faulconbridge has the following tips: Good gunk ‘Normal eye gunk is like a vacuum cleaner canister getting filled up with dust,’ Dr. Blair says. ‘Special mucous cells in the eye collect dust, pollen, and particles, and the end result…

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

What’s a Healthy Weight for my Dog?

5 Tips for the perfect dog day at the beach!

My Dog is Scratching, But it’s Not Fleas.


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