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Transitioning Your Dog Or Cat To A New Food

When to transition your pet’s food There are many reasons why you may need to change your pet’s diet. It may be necessary to transition your pet to a new food if your veterinarian has recommended a prescription diet in order to treat a specific health condition. Perhaps after having a nutritional consultation with your vet,…

Osteochondrosis In Dogs

Parasite Prevention For Dogs

Your Dog’s Visit

Dog And Cat Dental Disease

Seizures in Dogs and Cats

What is a seizure? A seizure (fit) is a complex series of events that originate in the front portion (motor cortex) of the brain. A group of nerve cells called neurones in this area suddenly produce an excessive amount of electrical activity which spreads through surrounding areas of the brain. This activity causes loss of…

Should you Brush your Dog’s Teeth?

What Happens as my Dog Gets Older?

Why are Dogs Noses Wet?

What Is The Gunk In My Dog’s Eye?


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