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Your Dog’s Visit

Preparing for your dog’s visit to the vet So that your dog’s visit to the vet is a positive experience for you and them, we request that you make an appointment by phoning us directly or booking online. This will minimise any waiting time and also give you the opportunity to book with your preferred…

Dog And Cat Dental Disease

Seizures in Dogs and Cats

Should you Brush your Dog’s Teeth?

What Happens as my Dog Gets Older?

Why are Dogs Noses Wet?

Why are dogs noses wet? What makes dogs noses wet? Smell is your dog’s most refined sense. Dogs noses are wet to help keep that sense as sharp as possible – which also helps keep them cool. Your individual smell not only helps your dog identify you, but provides it with information on where you’ve…

What Is The Gunk In My Dog’s Eye?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

What’s a Healthy Weight for my Dog?

My Dog is Scratching, But it’s Not Fleas.


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