Dietary Needs For Our Senior Pets

For many pet lovers, growing alongside our loyal companions as they age is rewarding. Love them back by adjusting their lifestyle and routine to match their maturing needs.

Signs of ageing

As your pet ages, you may notice outward signs like:

  • White around the muzzle
  • Less energy or sleeping more
  • Trouble toileting
  • Slowing down
  • Hesitation in getting up after a nap or difficulty navigating stairs

Then there are the internal signs we can’t see, like a slowing metabolism and changing nutritional requirements.

Helping our pets as they age

Just as we give special attention to the nutritional needs of puppies and kittens, dogs and cats heading into their golden years require a premium quality senior pet food to maintain their quality of life. Once our pets celebrate their seventh or eighth birthday, it is recommended they be transitioned to a premium senior pet food. These special foods meet their changing nutritional requirements, gifting them with longevity and wellness into their senior years.

As our dogs age their energy levels reduce, so it is important that they are eating a well-balanced diet that is lower in calories but still has adequate protein and fat to maintain a healthy body weight and reduce the chance of becoming overweight.

As our cats age, you may notice they become less active and start spending more time indoors. Their metabolisms also slow down, making it harder for them to digest higher levels of protein and fat found in kitten and adult cat diets. Transitioning your cat onto a premium senior diet once they turn seven will be beneficial for managing their overall health.

Choosing the right food

A good quality senior pet food has many benefits that support your senior pet as they age. Premium quality pet foods will help to:

  • Maintain ideal body condition
  • Boost antioxidants
  • Maintain healthy skin and coat
  • Support digestive health
  • Provide support for ageing joints
  • Support urinary tract health
  • Support healthy teeth and fresh breath

Your local Greencross Vet clinic can provide advice specifically for your pet to help transition onto a suitable premium senior food. We can also give you practical advice on other lifestyle adjustments, like exercise, bedding, and more for your golden oldie.


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