Canine Urine Analysis Test

Urine analysis test and your canine companion

A simple urine test can tell us so much about your dog’s health status.

Analysis of your pet’s urine allows screening for conditions such as diabetes, urinary tract infections, and kidney disease. A urine test can also assist with the early detection of abnormalities and help to monitor any pre-existing health condition.

An appointment for a urine test is not always necessary – you can phone us directly to confirm. In many instances, a sample of your pet’s urine can be dropped into the clinic. Once the urine has been tested, a team member will phone you to discuss the analysis. You’re also welcome to arrange a health check where we can help collect a urine sample for testing.

Collecting a urine sample from your dog:

  • use a clean, dry container like a take-out container or margarine container
  • wait until your dog begins to urinate, then slowly place the container directly under the stream of urine
  • only about a tablespoon of urine is required for a urine test
  • once the urine has been collected, it is important to take it to your local vet as soon as possible
  • alternatively, you can keep it in the fridge until your veterinary appointment

There are a number of conditions that require a urine analysis exam. Taking your dog for a health check at your local Greencross Vets is the best way to determine whether the symptoms your pet is displaying requires a urine sample for testing. If you have concerns about your pet’s health, contact your local Greencross Vets today, or book an appointment online.

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