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Desexing Aftercare

Desexing Your pet has been desexed under a general anaesthetic. While desexing is common and safe, keep in mind that it is still a surgical procedure, and for female dogs and cats it involves major intra-abdominal surgery. Your pet’s recovery will depend on the care you provide them, so it is important that you ease…

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Transitioning Your Dog Or Cat To A New Food

Zoonoses – What Are They?

Feline Desexing Reminder

Vaccination And Physical Examination

Vaccinations and your feline friend To safeguard your cat from fatal diseases, Greencross Vets urge routine vaccinations. A vaccination schedule is your pet’s best assurance against preventable disease. Your Greencross Vet will tailor the best vaccination schedule to suit your pet. Below is a general guide of when your cat will require a vaccination. Kittens…

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