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The Food We Choose Counts

What food should I feed my pet? Nutrition plays a vital role in the health and wellbeing of your pet. It comes as no surprise that different pets have different needs when it comes to nutrition. It can be difficult to know what option is best for your pet with so many available diets. The…

What Diseases Can My Cat Give Me?

What To Ask Before Adopting

My Cat Doesn’t Purr. Is That Strange?

The Dangers of the Cane Toad

Sore Ears In Pets

If you’ve ever had an ear ache, you know how painful and distressing it can be. Our pets may suffer from this problem often, especially in the warmer months. When dogs and cats have sore ears, they may shake their heads, scratch their ears or hold their head to one side. Sometimes the ears are…


Zoonotic Disease

My Cat Always Attacks Me. Why?

Intestinal Worms

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