Wellness Health Check

Wellness health checks and your pet

Greencross Vets recommend two wellness health checks per year to ensure they’re in top shape.

During this veterinary visit, we carry out a thorough physical examination to check for any pre-existing or developing conditions. We want to help your pet live their best life.

Diagnostic tests such as a blood or urine test may be required to assess your pet’s internal organs and provide us with vital information on how they are functioning. If changes are detected in the body or health status, we can tailor a preventive treatment plan before the condition worsens.

The early detection of disease and illness means early intervention. This is especially important as our pets get older and start to experience age-related degeneration.

Regular health checks with Greencross Vets encourage a long, healthy and happy life for your beloved pet.
During your visit with us, there will be time to discuss any other healthcare matters that are of concern, like diet and nutrition, heartworm prevention, parasite control, skin care, behavioural issues, and dental health.
Contact your local Greencross Vets clinic to schedule your pet’s health check today, or book online.

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